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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Swirling Storms

So, I had the biopsy on my neck. Chest really. Hopefully they poked the right thing. Can't wait till they see what they got. I am picturing hundreds of little cancer killers jumping up an down and having a pep rally.  : )

Biopsy not bad at all. Just three little pricks and done. The place and workers seemed out of sorts, so I prayed for peace to fall in the place.

Then hubby and I went to Logan's and split steak and lobster.  Yum. We were good and drank water. Came home and played ball with Jacs so he'd be happy and let me write.

So what are the swirling storms?

My sweet father-in-law had to go back to the hospital. Same problem as before - He has congestive heart failure and his heart is about worn out. At 91 its ticked for a long time. Hopefully he will get better and be able to come home.  We have the Visiting Angels take care of him 24/7 already so he gets plenty of TLC.

Obama's death squad is after him. Wants him to go to hospice. I think not. God has the day when he will bring Norm home and no Dr Death is going to intervene. Beware people, they are out there and after your loved ones who are old and disabled. They need to clean out room for the 20 million people they want to add to the health system (without adding one doctor or clinic)

My house is in disarray. Physically and spiritually. Need to do some major cleaning this weekend on both.

I am feeling out of balance. Need to get Christ Centered in order to fight this battle.
Yes, Jesus is my healer. But I do have things I need to do to.

1. Pray first thing in the morning - might mean I have to wake up earlier.
2. Study His Word. Speak it aloud. Record it and play it back at night.
3. Pray for wisdom
4. Get my new eating down right.
5. Exercise.

Basically I need to get myself in order. That's where #1 above will actually take care of the rest.

BUT I am still excited. Still standing on the Rock that is higher than I. Still believing that by Jesus stripes I am healed. On earth as it is in heaven.

Still on fire to help others know the truth.

Be not deceived. We are in the last days. The anit-christ spirit is alive and well and deluding many of our Christian brother and sisters. I pray the Lord of the Harvest wake them up. I pray that He keep me awake and alive.

Verse of the day

Psalm 118:17

17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.

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  1. #2 is good. I did it for Isaiah 53. Should do it a lot more.

    Yes, great idea to eat right and let your body fight! Hey, it rhymes!