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Monday, August 12, 2013

My last Chemo today!

Hi Friends.

Thought I would let you in on what is going on.
Jacs is busy reading my book Liberty Belle.  : )
While I am trying to finish my second book - Golden Dreams.

The chemo I just finished is Taxol and makes the tips of my fingers numb. I take Neurotin to combat the neuropathy. Not bad and the Lord has assured me that it will go away.

I had a Cat Scan last Friday.

The results - no cancer showed up, but there were a few things on my lungs. DR said don't worry that it could just be the way my lungs are and in three months they'll take another scan. I am not worried.


I have a mastectomy scheduled for Sept 24.  Trying to decide if I want them to take both breasts or just the one.  Leaning toward just the one right now.

After surgery and a few weeks of healing I will start radiation. Told it is not a big deal but might make me tired.  Oh well, me and the recliner have grown used to each other.  : )

I feel good, just a little tired.

My appetite has come back in the form of a Labrador retriever.  I will eat anything. This is after months of ugh, I have to eat something. So whatever my brain and stomach decided they wanted,  I would eat.

Now, whatever I think of to eat,  my stomach is a bouncing ball of joy shouting "yeah, yeah let's eat"  Yikes have decided I better discipline that dog or I will blimp out and gain all that weight I lost.

Plus after a couple of weeks to get the Taxol out of my system, I am going to start eating healthy again.

In two weeks, I am ditching the hats and going fuzzy.

Below is a sneak peak of me all natural in my fuzz do. I am wearing the T Shirt the sweet chemo nurses gave me for finishing the chemo.

Love you all
And I really do appreciate all the prayers and encouragement.

The Logo on the T shirt  reads
Celebrate Life!

I would add  Celebrate Life in Christ!

Forward! Charge! and Overcoming in the Name of the Lord!