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Friday, March 15, 2013

Petscan Day

Well, today I was injected with radiation and sent into a donut so the docs could see if the nasty invaders have gone anywhere else.

Of course, the cancer is dead in Jesus Name.

This is the building the place I went to is attached to. I liked the idea of cyberknife. : )

I am thankful for people who work in the medical profession and ask that the Lord would touch them and bless them.

Overall, this morning was relaxing. Got there, had to wait a little and then went into a room where a really nice guy - who happens to be a believing Christian - injected me with the radioactive stuff. Then had to sit in the chair for an hour. Fell asleep with Jesus on my mind.

Then they wake me up and off to the donut we go. An impressive machine - Positron Emission Tomography that scanned me from eyes to thighs. Won't know the results for 24-48 hours and with the weekend in between maybe longer. Not worried. I am safe in the Shadow of the Most High.

Not scary at all. Piece of cake.

Then off to lunch we went.  Had steak and lobster with my sweet hubby. Steak is supposed to be good to get the radiation out.

Now it's back to the veggies.

A nice glass of Perfect Food - Raw - grass - taste like grass but in apple juice not so bad. Ate an apple - have to keep those doctors away : ) And my water.

My body hasn't seen this many fruits and veggies and water in 40 years. Or probably ever.

But I feel great!  After that radiation in me, I felt like I could leap tall buildings.  : )

I feel the hand of God on my head.
I can hear the whispers of prayers of my sweet friends, family and church going up to the Throne Room of God. Thank you all, your prayers are appreciated.
And I am flying on the Love of God.

Even though it took a death warrant from the enemy, I rejoice in My Lord that He has captured me. Set me on a high place and I am praising Him. Learning to walk in that newness of life. You can read about that in  my Devotion today.

God is Good!  NEVER forget that.
And Through Him we overcome the world and the devil.


  1. Yes, He is always good. And He chose His children. So, whatever He allows in our lives will ultimately earn us rewards acc to how we handle them in Him. We cannot lose. Praying for complete healing of you, one of His precious temples of the Holy Spirit! In Jesus' name.