Come along on my faith-based, encouraging, and humorous journey as the Lord Heals me from the invasion of breast cancer.

Monday, April 22, 2013

God Tough!

That's right. I am God tough because the Lord is my strength.
Verses on the Lord is my strength

So many good ones! Hard to pick just one.
Today is chemo -'smart bomb' day 1.
One of eight I will go through, at least for the first portion of my treatment.

Ephesians 6:10

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

Do I look strong?  Not sure but I am happy. not going to steal my joy.
And see the laptop. Not going to stop my writing either.

Right now chemo med #2 is dripping in me. Seeking bad cells to kill.  Yeah I know it is not supposed to know the difference between the good and the bad, but my good cells have a Holy Ghost force field around them. 

The first med - Big Red  - is already in and kicking cancer butt. Don't feel anything but I know my Lord is healing me. 

This morning, I was actually excited to begin the program. Being gifted with curiosity helps. That and living for the moment. Never have been one to think about next week. I live in today. I think that helps me too.

I have several anti nausea drugs in me. And they should keep my tummy from revolting. I read that I shouldn't do any strenuous exercise for 48 hours because of Big Red. So today I will walk and work on balance and breathing exercise. 

I am writing here. Already have done a little on my book. 

I have Bible studies to listen to  - a broth to make, eggs to boil, Food stuff to figure out.

Bills to pay. 

Right now I do feel a heavyness. Not bad, just enough to let me know that something is going on. must be the explosions of my smart bombs as they are bursting and killing the cancer.  Go Team!  I am God Tough! His strength is flowing in me and I shall overcome this.

God is good. I'll give updates about what is going on.

Love all my praying friends and family.


  1. Praying for you, my beautiful, amazing friend! You are not alone--besides God, you have friends who got your six (in prayer).

    Much love and prayers!!

    1. Thanks Ronie, And I can feel those prayers lifting me up.
      Love you